About Us

About Us

Headquartered on Long Island, NY, U.S. Alliance Paper is a family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of private and branded label retail paper products. With continuing investment in our state-of-the art converting plants and distribution centers in Edgewood, NY, we have become one of the leading tissue converters in the nation.

As a family company, we are 100% focused on manufacturing top-quality paper products with the flexibility to meet your exact program needs in terms of size, count, grade, ply and packaging. We offer private labeling as well as a number of store brands for customers who may not have the volume to develop a private label program on their own. ​

We put quality in: We start with top-quality fiber in all grades, ranging from FSC®-Certified, virgin, recycled and blended, as well as “green” (100% recycled with a minimum of 80% post-consumer content) fiber to further our sustainable practices. 

To put quality out: Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, we are able to manufacture high-quality table napkins, bathroom tissue, paper towels and facial tissues that offer you competitive pricing and your consumers a superior value experience over national brands​.

And deliver what you need, when you need: Whether your label, our store brand, or a combination of the two,  we'll work with you to optimize your paper program and will even develop custom packs and display options to enhance your paper aisle and ensure your success. 

We invite you to “feel the difference” and experience our family commitment to the highest standards of reliability and service in the industry.
And yes, we’ll commit that to paper.

U.S. Alliance Paper plant and adjacent warehousing, Long Island, NY
Advanced converting lines
U.S. Alliance Paper's fully automated conveying lines.

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